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What is a/b Testing in PPC and How to Do it Effectively?

PPC advertising is an important aspect of different online marketing campaigns. It is also one of the most effective and expensive campaigns. Hence, it is important that you test your ads on a consistent basis, in order to ensure that you are not letting conversions go in vain. To some extent, PPC testing is pretty simple compared to different types of A/B tests because there are certain things to test. However, that doesn’t mean any less planning and care needs to go into executing and preparing these tests.

This is a detailed guide to A/B testing and how to do it in an effective manner. Make sure to read it further to know how to execute one perfectly. If you want a PPC Agency Manchester to help you with A/B testing, Creative Marketing is the answer.

What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing is sometimes called split testing. It is a testing technique that provides you with valuable information regarding your target audience’s behaviour. You are actually comparing a couple of versions of a similar thing with variances in them, whether that be a campaign bidding approach, text in an ad, email or landing page headline to identify which version your target market reacts better to.

Marketers may use A/B testing to enhance anything from micro-metrics such as click through rates, time on site, and traffic volumes to your page, to the greater metrics such as revenue and conversion rates. Even the smallest enhancements can have a massive effect.

According to a study, only 60% of marketers tend to use A/B testing to enhance their marketing performance. The ones that do A/B tests have determined some enhancement in performance. To start setting up your A/B testing, it is important to know how to effectively do it.

How to Do A/B Testing Effectively?

For executing A/B testing on your PPC ad campaigns, you will have better outcomes in case you follow these instructions:

  • Ensure to test your ad variations simultaneously in order to reduce time-based factors that skew your outcomes
  • Only test one thing at a time so that you are able to pinpoint what affects the success of your ads
  • Test often and early
  • Focus on the hard information you gather, instead of “gut instinct”

Make sure you let your A/B testing run for a longer time to gather enough outcomes to get precise results. You require at least a thousand impressions to get any sort of accurate information. With PPC, you are only paying for clicks, not for impressions. Make sure to pay attention to each and everything while you are conducting A/B testing.

However, if you are still unsure about effective execution of A/B testing, you can ask professionals to do that for you. Creative Marketing is at your service. We can do an effective A/B testing to bring the best results for your ads and make them succeed.

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