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How To Replace Kitchen Base Cabinets Without Removing Countertop?

When it comes to changing the look of the kitchen, there are a few different ways of doing it. However, if you have countertops that are in good condition, you might be tempted to keep them. But can you replace your kitchen cabinet without removing the countertop? The simple answer is yes. But how do you do it?

Fronts only

If your kitchen cabinets and countertops are in good shape, you might only need to replace the doors on the cabinets. This is easily done as it only requires the old doors to be unscrewed and new ones to be hung. You can replace the hardware and the hinges if you think they need them changed. This is one of the easiest ways to change the look of your kitchen.


If the cabinets in your kitchen need to be replaced but the countertop is still looking good, it is possible to remove the cabinet without removing the countertop. Everything is screwed together and the cabinet will be supporting the weight to the countertop. As you begin to unscrew everything, you will need to pop a support beam under the countertop. In some cases, the countertop may have been installed first and the cabinet put in last. It is rare that this happens so always assume that there will be no support for the countertop when you remove the cabinets.

  1. Remove the doors and fronts of the cabinets, including the kickboards if there are any.
  2. Put the props under the countertop as you prepare to remove the cabinets. It is easier to remove every other cabinet as you move along the kitchen as it is easier to add and swap props this way.
  3. Unscrew the cabinets and remove the screws. This will make it easier to slide the old wood out.
  4. There will be feet under the cabinet to raise it from the floor. This needs to be unscrewed and lower.
  5. As the wood is being removed, it is important to be gentle as there might be adhesive holding the countertops to the cabinets.
  6. If there are any parts of the cabinet that does not want to come away, this can be gently sawed with a small hacksaw.
  7. Once everything is removed, it is important to keep the supports and props in place until the new cabinets are installed. It is only when they have been added back in that you can safely remove the supports.

Kitchen footprint

If you want to try and keep the countertops, it is important to remember that you will not be able to change the layout of the kitchen. Everything will need to be installed in the same place it was removed. This is why most people choose to change the countertops when they are renovating the kitchen. This also means that if you plan on changing the sink, you will need to find one that will fit the hole in the countertop. However, you can make the hole bigger if you need to but you cannot make it smaller.

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