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How To Fix A Cracked Computer Screen Without Replacing It?

We are not talking about the antivirus from even though they are also good. But, here we are talking about hardware of the laptop. When your laptop falls and the screen is damaged, you must keep calm in this situation and check your computer. For example, if your graphics card or another vital component is damaged, replacing it would be a waste of time.

Check your graphics card

So, if you want to identify the problem, you must first determine whether or not the graphics card is operational. To diagnose this problem, connect your laptop to an external monitor through HDMI output. Your graphic card is functional if your laptop displays a picture on the external monitor you’ve attached. If your external display doesn’t show anything, it’s because your graphic card is broken, and you don’t need to replace the screen to save money.

Every laptop is expensive and sensitive, and we can easily harm them with a little carelessness. So, if your laptop is still under warranty, we recommend taking it to the manufacturer’s store. So, let’s get started on how to fix a cracked computer screen without having to replace it.

What you’ll need

We’ve put together a list of the most important equipment you’ll need to fix a computer monitor. We urge that you follow the procedures outlined below in order to complete the task properly.

  • A proper working area
  • Sharp objects
  • Small container
  • Thin plastic object
  • Nitto-tape
  • Magnet head screwdrivers kit

New Replacement screen

To begin, you must purchase a replacement screen that is the same size as your previous laptop screen. You can purchase them either online or in a store near you.

Turn off your computer

Then unplug the power cable and disconnect any devices attached to your computer or laptop. Also, if your laptop/battery is removable, try to remove it.

Find the screws

You must also locate the screws that hold the laptop screen in place. You’ll need a screwdriver to loosen these; there are about 4-6 of them. Then you can easily locate them beneath the screen’s plastic frame.

Remove the shattered screen

After removing the screw, you must separate the screen from the laptop’s plastic bezel. You should also be cautious when removing it and check to see if there are any screws left to fasten it, then screen and separate it.

Fit the new screen

Finally, after removing your old screen, install the new one in the laptop’s shell and screw it into place using the old screws you removed earlier. Alternatively, your new screen may have come with screws and you can use these.

Test it out!

Plug your computer in and fire it up. Your screen should work straight away with no distortion or lines on the screen. If you find your screen doesn’t look quite right, it’s likely the new screen isn’t fitted properly or there was other significant damage to the screen when you originally broke it.


As you can see, it’s perfectly possible to fix your cracked computer screen at home. However, if you’re unsure, it’s always best to leave it to a professional, as they will be able to test other components of your computer for any other damages too.

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