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How to get your kids wardrobe Ramadan and Eid Ready for 2023

Ramadan and Eid are the two biggest Islamic events. Ramadan is a holy month while Eid comes right after Ramadan on the 1st of the next month, called Shawwal. Both of these occasions have such a major significance to you, everyone in your family, and to all the other Muslims. One of the most exciting parts is Eid. You’re going to feel triumphant after the fasting you’ve done and Eid is the glorious time that comes right after.

As a parent, you’re wanting to ensure that your children are well accustomed to the Islamic cultures and traditions, right? When you live abroad, it can at times be a bit difficult to buy everything you need for major holidays. This goes for ingredients and even clothes. Eid Fashion is by far one of the most exciting things about Eid so why not get jump started by helping your little one out of the big day? These are some major tips for getting your kids ready for Ramadan and Eid.

Don’t wait until the last minute

When it comes to shopping for kids’ clothes, you don’t want to shop at the very last minute. That’s only going to make things more troublesome for you, but for your child as well. Even if you’re looking for Pakistani kids clothes, you’re better off doing this early. While it’s super fun getting to “ooh” and “aah” from all the dazzling clothes, it’s significantly stress-free to take care of this in advance.

Just don’t be that person, avoid doing your shopping at the last minute. You’ll thank yourself later. Studio by TCS offers free international shipping, so whether you’re celebrating Ramadan and Eid in the UK, Europe, US, middle-east, or anywhere else in the world you can get your children’s shalwar kameez, lehengas, shararas, and kurtas from us!

Let your child get involved

As your child gets older, they’re going to eventually develop their own taste and style. If they’re already at that age, then let them partake in the shopping experience. Even when you’re looking into kids wear online stores for the best quality of clothes, don’t hesitate to let your child join in on the shopping experience.

This is going to be a fun experience for them getting to choose the clothing, but this way, it’s also going to help them with forming confidence and loving the holidays. Overall, you want your children to have a nice time during Ramadan and Eid and the best way to do this is to allow them to get involved in the shopping process.

Generally, Pakistani kids living abroad for a long time don’t have exposure to Pakistani traditions. Since they grow up in an entirely different culture, they never know what’s the right clothing culture during Ramadan and on Eid. They are more confident about western fashion and western styles. However, Studio by TCS makes sure your kids know what they should be wearing on Eid in order to express their love for their traditional styles. So, shop online at Studio By TCS and get free delivery at your doorstep in the UK and anywhere in the world. Explore our immense variety online and learn what to wear on Eid.

Check our stock and shop shararas, lenghas, shalwar kameez or just Kurtis that can be paired with jeans and capris. Let your kid know what he or she can consider wearing on this truly special event. Celebrating Eid in UK or USA for your kid must feel like celebrating it in Pakistan. For this purpose, let him wear traditional Pakistani style clothing. No matter if you are residing in the UK, USA, Middle East or anywhere, if you are looking for Pakistani kurta, shalwar kameez or any other Pakistani clothes, Studio by TCS is your destination. Shop online from anywhere in the world and avail free international shipping.

Think outside the box

Children are the best when it comes to thinking outside the box. Their imagination and creativity can create a lot of laughs but it can even help with the decision-making process as well when it comes to wardrobe essentials for the upcoming holiday. When it comes to Eid, the biggest fashion-filled celebration in Islam, you should think outside the box and have your kid help out.

Surely you want you and your children to look a bit different than everyone else right?  Online shopping (like us), is going to be one of the best ways to get your eyes and wardrobe onto something fresh. Plus, the selections are going to be bigger which will help your child narrow down what they may want.

It’s all about the execution

What looks good on your child? Are there certain colours or designs that bring out the best features of your little one? Is there anything that makes them feel happy and confident? Think about all of this as you want to ensure that your child feels comfortable, happy, and confident.

Know their sizes

It may sound a little too obvious but when it comes to certain outfits, you’re going to want your little fashionistas to shine. But in order to do so, you’re going to have to know their sizing and get it right. Sizing and measurements don’t have to be difficult. You can either take them to a seamstress for measurements or simply get some measuring tape and do it yourself.

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