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Which Doctor To Consult For Beard Growth?

For many men out there, facial hair is an important feature. It’s something that they may feel can define them as a masculine man, or perhaps they’d just like to have a particular style to their appearance. There is no doubt that facial hair adds an extra dimension to one’s look. It’s not for everyone, but there is a high percentage of men who would love a strong beard without one single patch.

For those out there who cannot quite grow the beard they desire (or any at all), there is help at hand. They no longer need to worry too much about patches or an inability to grow as there are professionals out there who can make it happen. Here, we’re going to quickly run through a few aspects of beard growth and the kinds of professionals that you can work together with.

Is Beard Growth Supposed To Be Straightforward?

It depends entirely on your make-up and your genetics. If you have the genes of a family member with strong facial hair, then you’re going to likely follow suit. It really is a lottery, however. For plenty of people out there, beard growth is something that will always be a mystery and something that just cannot happen without scientific intervention.

Which Doctor (Or Doctors) Should Be Consulted?

If you’re looking for answers regarding your facial hair and any subsequent moves, then your best bet will be to speak with a dermatologist. They deal with skin and hair, so they’ll know all about the kinds of issues you’ll be having. They’ll put your mind at ease and perhaps get you started on something practical.

What Options Will Be Provided By The Doctor?

They’ll take a look at you and ask a few questions. They’ll then suggest a few ways you can help with facial hair growth and overall health. If none of these ideas seem to be working, they’ll potentially offer the option of a transplant. Artificial hairs will be inputted into your skin and it will feel as though you’re growing your own, natural facial hair.

How Much Will A Transplant Cost?

The cost depends entirely on the practice you attend. It also depends on the scale and depth of the job at hand. At its lowest, a transplant will likely cost around $1,500. If a bigger job is needed, then you could be looking at upwards of $8,000. You have to make a decision based on the value of this move and the financial situation you’re in.

The Kinds Of Advice You’ll Be Told Regarding Beard Growth

Before any drastic moves are made, your dermatologist will let you know about specific ways you can increase the fullness of your beard. Patience will likely be their first point – and it’s a good one as plenty of men will have fuller beards as they get older. It may even take until age 30 before you see the best results.

What you eat also matters in this regard. Eating junk and unhealthy stuff will likely slow you down a little. Nutritious foods will help so much. It’s also wise to avoid hair growth and regrowth products as they might be counterproductive.

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