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How to Take Care of an Orphan?

As many of us are grown up between loved ones, while orphans crave to call someone their family. There is an emptiness in the heart of every orphan child. It is very difficult to witness an orphan suffering from many hurdles as he has no one to take care of him. They have to witness such vulnerable problems at such an age when other children have fun by playing and going to school. Sometimes they even have to face such problems that even a grown-up find difficult to cope with because of poverty and conflict. Therefore many orphan care charity foundations are working to help those orphans in some ways.

There is a large number of orphans, which is beyond your thinking in this world. According to UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund), there are more than 132 million orphans in this world. Many foundations are giving their best to help these innocent children. Zohra foundation is one of them that provides many facilities to these orphans. These orphans are looking for someone for their help and someone they can call a brother, mother, dad, or sister.

If you are willing to help these poor and innocent children, then no worries; there are many ways to express your sympathy. You can also participate in helping these poor orphans by cooperating with these orphan care charity foundations. Your little effort and deed can help in bringing back the lost smile on their faces. There are many easy ways you can use to help them. Some of them are:

  • Many orphan children are suffering from many hurdles just because of financial problems. Therefore they would be grateful if you help them out with this fascinating situation.
  • Suppose you are not that well-off and not able to go there by yourself. Then you can help them by just praying for their good from the Great Allah Almighty.
  • Give them the biggest gift of their life by adopting them as your child.
  • You can send them the love box (contains clothes, shoes, and wearable products)
  • As it is very hard to live on your own therefore keep trying to look for the adoption of that child to a nice person. Sharing their story on SNS will be helpful in it.
  • You can also help them a lot by becoming a family host.
  • You can cover their study expenses and buy them a new collection of books or uniforms.

Why Choose Zohra Foundation for helping poor and Orphans?

As we have talked about above, about the common problems, orphans are facing. Therefore it is very hard to find an orphan who is suffering a lot from these difficulties on your own. Thus choosing Zohra Foundation would be the best option for you. As they keep records of many needy orphans from different orphanages, they will guide you to the best situation and introduce the neediest orphans to you. They also offer many other good deeds for the needy ones. Like they provide shelter so every person without a roof can stay here as long as they wish. In addition, they also provide them with good and healthy food. On the other hand, they held free eye camps in needy areas. You can also help them by offering your zakat to them.

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