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How To Post A Divorce In The Newspaper?

Whether you have never posted a divorce in the newspaper before or not, determining how to do it is simple. Luckily, plenty of other people have done this, and you can benefit from the wisdom they gleaned from their experience, mistakes, and success stories. This guide on how to post a divorce in the newspaper will help you with everything from choosing your city’s paper to writing up your story. Plus, it provides step-by-step instructions on how to pick up your copy at the store!

Search Newspapers in Google

You can search for a newspaper in your city along with keywords about how to post a divorce in a newspaper using Google. For example, if you were looking for newspapers in Austin, Texas, you would type Austin newspapers divorce. The first results are usually major publications like The Statesman or The Dallas Morning News. See what they say on their websites and what kind of resources they have available. You might also find forums that help people answer common questions about how to post a divorce in a newspaper.

Determine what information you need

Before you can post a divorce in a newspaper, you’ll need to get all of your personal information together. This includes your full name, your spouse’s full name and their contact information if they’re still alive, their relationship to you (husband, wife), their last known address, and any property that is part of your marital estate or separation agreement.

You’ll also want to come up with a reasonable estimate of how much child support and alimony you’re going to request from them as well as how much money has been spent on attorney fees throughout the course of your marriage. Having these details at hand will help ensure that everything runs smoothly once you do choose to submit an ad.

Come up with ideas

How did you meet your spouse? Do you have a close family member who’s been married for years? Maybe someone in your office is engaged. Can you write about how to post a divorce in newspaper based on any of these examples? Write down everything that comes to mind. Don’t think too hard or try too hard to find an angle.

Remember, Google is your friend if you get stuck. Take notes on all of your ideas, and don’t be afraid to write stuff down even if it doesn’t make sense just yet. If nothing else, jotting things down will give you something to come back to later when inspiration strikes.

Choose the best date, time, and place to publish your ad

Publishing your ad at a specific time of day and on a certain date can make it easier for you to get viewers’ attention and help ensure that you get exactly what you want out of your advertisement. It may cost more than other days, but if it gets your ad in front of more people at one time, it could be worth it.

The place is also an important consideration. While some sites are nationwide, others are only local or regional so keep that in mind as well. Some newspapers don’t post ads online either, so make sure to check with them if they have online versions of their paper available.

Write your divorce announcement

You’re getting divorced. Now what? There are a few specific steps you should take to ensure your divorce becomes official and public knowledge. Some states require that you post something in your local newspaper, which can make it seem like a chore, but remember: every step is one closer to freedom!

Here’s how to put divorce in a newspaper:

1. Filing Your Petition Depending on where you live, filing for divorce may be as simple as paying a fee at your county courthouse or submitting paperwork through an online database. Either way, filing for divorce officially starts your case and starts the clock ticking toward legal separation from your spouse. It also creates an official record of all orders made by the court concerning property division, alimony, and child custody arrangements. Make sure to file before 60 days have passed since separating from your spouse otherwise, and you may need to wait until six months have passed before proceeding with any action (depending on state law).

2. Serving Your Spouse Once you’ve filed your petition, it’s time to serve your spouse with notice that they have been sued for divorce. You can do so in person, via certified mail, or even via email if allowed by state law. However, if you choose to serve them, make sure they receive notice within 120 days of filing.

3. Responding Once served, your spouse will have 20 days to respond to your petition in writing. They may choose to file a counter-petition for divorce and start their own case against you, or they may simply agree with everything you’ve asked for and sign off on it.

4. Filing Your Decree After both parties have agreed on all terms of their divorce, they can file a joint decree of divorce with their local court clerk’s office or online database. This is essentially a final agreement stating that neither party has any further claims against one another and that they are legally divorced.

5. Picking Up Your Final Decree Once your case has been closed by your judge, you will receive your final divorce decree in the mail from your county courthouse or through an email from your state’s online database system.

Congratulations! You are now officially divorced!

Find cost estimates for posting announcements online

You may be able to get a better rate for placing announcements in traditional print media, but if you have time and patience (and a little bit of cash), you can put divorce notices online. Go to your local newspaper’s website, look for their Community section and then click on Posting Advertisements. Tell them you need to post an announcement about a divorce. They will direct you to a specific page with instructions on how to do so.


Post divorce in your local newspaper by filling out an advert form from your local paper. Include details like what you are looking for, which date it was finalized, where and when you’ll be filing for divorce, and any other information that could help someone get in touch with you. Be sure to check any state-specific laws before doing so as well. Create a newspaper ad online from your personal computer or do it through your printer directly. Whatever method you choose, post it as soon as possible! You have to do so quickly because many papers have a deadline policy when it comes to ads. There may be other steps involved depending on where you live, but those are general guidelines to help get started with posting a notice of intent to file for divorce in your local newspaper or paper of choice!

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