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How Does a Teething Necklace Work?

Teething is the time when the baby starts to cut his teeth. It starts from six months and remains up to two years. It is a very daunting time for a baby. Mostly, the baby’s tummy remains upset because the baby like different things in his mouth to soothe his swollen and sore gums.

Remedies and helping products

You can cure an upset stomach with medicines or home remedies. The other way is to keep the baby’s environment very hygienic. And keep a strict eye on him, do not let him eat that is not eatable.  But what about his sour gums? How will they be soothed? For this, you may need some supplies. Medication, home remedies, teether, soothers, and whatever it takes. Keeping the baby’s diet balanced and healthy can also be helpful for the baby to teeth easily. Reduce the amount of sugar in his daily diet during teething. Massage his gums with your finger, and apply some edible olive oil. Many types of teethers are available. Some are of soft plastic, some are hollow, and there is liquid inside to freeze, and then handed over to the baby to soothe the swollen gums.

Mama Jewel’s unique Teething necklace

Imagine a situation, you went out with your baby and forgot his teether at home. What do you expect your baby will do? Even if you carry him all the time, he will still keep looking for something to chew. Whether edible or not, hygienic or not, he must need something to soothe his sour gums. Mama Jewels has created a teething necklace for moms. You often wear accessories when you go out. It proves a fatal mistake when you are carrying a baby in your lap. He keeps on snatching and pulling that ornament. And you do not allow him to do because of the fear of breakage.

How does a teething necklace work?

It is an extraordinary item, made after detailed research.

  • The material is absolutely nontoxic and safety-tested nursing baby material. The Wood and food-grade Silicon are certified and premium quality materials.
  • The durability is kept enough, unlike regular jewelry, so the baby cannot break it easily while twiddling.
  • The bead’s shapes are designed in a way so that babies cannot swallow. All the beads are knotted, in between, to avoid easy breakage and swallowing.

To the mummy aspect, necklaces are of the latest fashion patterns. The used beads are colorful and attractive for both mama and baby. The teething necklace is also available for daddy.

Along with the teething necklace, teething bangles are available at Mama Jewels.

Some other fascinating features of Mama Jewels

Mama Jewels has started its journey with teething items and gradually increased the items for moms and babies. They work worldwide, with customer-friendly policies and easy return policies. They uniquely offer gift hampers for moms, babies, daddies, moms and babies, and moms and daddies. Hampers contain the best quality gift items with utmost utility. 100% customer service rate indicates their success in their efforts.

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