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Guide to using different types of paint in a paint sprayer?

Do you think buying a paint sprayer for paint is enough?

Well, it is not because painting with a paint sprayer is a complex process. There are a lot of things to consider, evaluate and arrange and paint is one of them.

The type of paint you use for your titan 440 paint sprayer or any other sprayer always matters a lot. It affects your working speed, quality, and overall performance.

When you buy a paint sprayer from Alltitanparts or any other company, you will hear them say that choose your paint wisely.

Well, it is a fact because the speed and performance of the paint sprayer depend upon the paint you use for them.

What is the connection between paint with a paint sprayer?

Paint is a fluid medium that sticks on a surface and gives it colour. It is a combination of a solute and solvent. The solvent is usually a liquid material that helps the solute stick to the surface.

It is usually water or oil that allows you to coat a solute on any surface a wall or wood. It evaporates after some time and what stays is the solute.

When you paint with a paint sprayer, you see what kind of mixture you use. Like, What is the solute and solvent in your paint?

The type of paint affects your paint sprayer performance. It is a sticky and dense mixture that also gets clogged. The different types of paint have different densities. So, you have to see what kind of paint you are using for a particular sprayer

Types of paint

Paint is a medium available in waterborne and oil-based formats. These mediums hold special qualities and some drawbacks.

To choose the best paint for your paint sprayer, you must know all the details of these mediums

  • Primer

It is a suitable paint type available in both oil and water-based formats. It is used to cover old coats, home improvement projects, and DIY activities.

You can use primer as your initial coating to provide a sticky surface for your final coating. It acts as a base medium and ensures a perfect coating.

Primer is used to identify the flaws and imperfections present on any surface. It is a type of paint that highlights the flaws and helps you indicate the target surface with imperfections.

The third and essential use of primers is to provide a coating to old paint. It gives a smooth coverage to old, uneven, and tired paintwork.

  • Lacquer

It is a common paint type that is typically used on wood and metal. It is the finest paint that gives a clear and water-resistant coating to your surface.

Lacquer is available in four different formats, cellulose, catalyzed, waterborne and acrylic. You can use it to paint your furniture because it provides a smooth and durable finish to your surface.

  • Enamel

It is a water-resistant paint sprayer that is used on outdoor surfaces. It provides a hard and model building finish that makes it a durable paint medium in the market.

You can use enamel as a medium to paint your kitchen cabinets, door frames, patio furniture, windows, and handrails. Enamel is an oil-based format and helps you achieve rapid drying.

It is the most used paint type, especially when it comes to painting with a paint sprayer.

  • Latex

Latex is a paint type that is used to paint ceilings and walls. It is a dense paint that uses waterborne polymer as a binding agent. You need a beefy paint sprayer to paint latex on large surfaces like walls and ceilings, as it is a heavy and dense paint format.

It is available in two types acrylic and vinyl paint formats.

  • Epoxy

Epoxy is a water-based paint used for marine applications, wind turbines, flooring, and machines. It is a dense paint available in the form of combination.

The common combination of epoxy paint is acrylic and latex compound. It is a hard-wearing paint found in two formats. You have to resin and harden it before applying epoxy paint on any surface.

It is perfect for indoor jobs because it does not work well in the presence of ultraviolet rays.

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