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Get Rid of That Unwanted Property You’ve Been Wanting to Sell Fast!

Life is usually just one occurrence away from a huge shift. A new job-inspired move, financial difficulties, divorce, a new child, or other compelling reasons may need you to sell your home quickly. Oftentimes, those properties become unwanted, experiencing a paradigm shift from the beloved property they used to be to the unwanted house. How to sell my house fast becomes your next worry especially if you know nothing about the real estate market.

The next question now is, is it feasible to make such a speedy sale? According to data from the National Association of Realtors, houses sold in an average of 19 days in December 2021. So, if you can obtain an offer in a quarter of that time, you’ll be overcoming some significant odds. However, it is not uncommon for properties to sell in 5 days or less. Some homes sell before they are formally listed on the market. However, can you get your property amongst one of these since you need a quick home sale?

The most essential thing for a speedy sale is to make your property the home that everyone wants to purchase. Real estate is similar to psychology. It’s about being clever about promoting your house and ensuring it generates a lot of attention. In order to convince purchasers to desire your property and want it immediately, you must optimize its pricing, promotion, and timing. We’ve compiled the most up-to-date advice for hitting all of these notes, so you can learn how to sell your unwanted house as fast as possible.

Selling Your Unwanted Property Fast In Days

1.      Receive a cash offer

If you need to sell your house in days, consider selling it to a cash buyer instead of going through the usual real estate procedure. This approach eliminates several time-consuming processes, such as:

  • There will be no pre-listing preparations or repairs.
  • There are no showings.
  • There are no open homes.
  • There was no house appraisal.
  • There is no finance contingency or delay.

According to ICE Mortgage Technology statistics, it took more than 50 days on average to complete a purchase loan in December 2021. So, even if you sign a buying offer in 5 days, you’ll almost certainly face a lengthy delay when negotiating with a financed buyer.

If you are unable or unable to wait that long, some iBuyer platforms offer a terrific alternative solution for sellers who need to move swiftly by arranging cash offers on its platform. Enter your address and answer a few simple questions about your property, and they will make you a cash offer to buy your home in as little as 48 hours. At John Medina Buys Houses, we buy houses any in condition. Sell your house as-is to us, with no additional repairs, preparation charges, agency commissions, or fees. cash for homes deals are time-savers, especially on unwanted properties you do not desire to invest in, in terms of repairs.

2.      Price your home somewhat lower than the comps.

When you’re working against a tight schedule, precise pricing is critical, otherwise, you will keep wondering how do I sell my house as time keeps flying away. If you overprice your house, buyers will not hurry to make an offer. If you are working with real estate agents, ensure such person contact the agents of any similar houses as soon as they enter escrow to find out what they sold for before the information becomes public. Agents are not strangers to this and know how to get the desired listing price via comparables.

Your realtor, armed with the most recent sales data, can do an ultra-accurate comparative market study and determine the optimum price for your house. This method can help you sell your unwanted property in as few as 5 days.

Pricing your house below market value is a powerful pricing approach that practically ensures offers within 5 days. Buyers who are keeping a close eye on the market will seize the opportunity to acquire a property at a lower price than the competitors. If you receive many offers, you may use them as leverage to start a bidding war, which will increase the ultimate sale price significantly.

This method works best in a seller’s market with stable or rising property values. If there are much more properties in your market than buyers, you are less likely to receive several offers and may end up selling at a lower-than-ideal price. Selling a house requires mastery of the art of real estate buying and selling. Have you tried spreading the news of this sale with word of mouth? Friends? Homeowners’ association email list? Neighbors? That it’s not wanted by you doesn’t make it unwanted by others, The more people you inform about this prospective sale, the higher the likelihood of a quick sale. At John Medina Buys Houses, we buy houses for cash and can offer the fastest house sale there is.


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