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Future Designs and Styles of Hoverboards and Skateboards

Skateboards will change immensely in the future if they are to fly. For instance, hoverboards have a packed, ground effect when there is air beneath.$30 skateboard we also know that hovercraft lift objects into the air through low pressure. To do so, they need to blow an amount of air that is equivalent to one or two pounds on each square inch. When the hoverchair has a low-pressure area of air close to it and is on the ground, it can still lift a 200-pound person without much effort. However, as the hoverboard goes higher and faster, this area of low-pressure air is less stable.

Any future design of hoverboards will have to take into consideration that the air blowing mechanism will impose limitations on the board. The board will need to be hollow and light in order to house the mechanism, which means it may need to be a little thicker or taller.

Our designs show the board will be in height and be 2 inches below the board. Hovercraft need a lot of air and our design has to collect and redirect it.

Hoverboards need an unrestricted amount of airflow to work efficiently. Restricting the airflow will negatively affect the performance of the rider. The hoverboard also needs a spoiler system to dump extra airflow.

The design will need to account for the lift needed in order to fly the hoverboard. The shape should incorporate side gates with a wing shape that is based on aerodynamic theory.

A best cheap hoverboard is designed in a way that air can’t escape, so the air that flows under needs to be used in another way. The design of them is shaped in a way that forces the wind to move around and flow back, which helps creates more speeds.

The goal is to design a hoverboard that can skate on the table. The board will be maneuverable, travel at a fast speed, and jump over objects so the rider can avoid obstacles.

If a rider wants to turn left or stop all they have to do is tilt the board in the same direction, and then slow down. When the point where they want to change speeds reaches, they may need to redirect certain airflow so they can continue forward.

All this is possible, but it radically changes the design and looks of the modern-day skateboard. It will be cool looking and like nothing you have ever seen before. Will it fly? Yes, and it will be unlike anything else you have ever seen too!

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