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Book smarts are better than street smarts:

Life is like a battle where every day brings a new challenge for you. To accomplish those challenges efficiently, you must play your role wisely. You can conquer that battle through your knowledge, through the smartness and tricks that life is teaching you. Usually, there are two kinds of smarts, book smarts, and street smarts.

Book smarts take every decision and step according to the knowledge they have gained through reading books. While street smarts are those, who learn from their daily life experiences.

I think book smarts are somehow better than street smarts. Below are some of the main reasons that are proof of the respective statement.

Authentic shreds of evidence

If you get into an argument with someone, all that supports you is the authenticity of your statements. Factual statements are impossible to give without valid information. Book smarts always have accurate proof regarding every topic, so they utilize it to win an argument. This also makes your point strong and sensible. Street smarts do not have the logical reasons to defend their perspective. Their concept is not that much clear as compared to book smarts.

Top scorer

Most often top scorers of the class are book smarts. Exams are conducted from all the content students are taught throughout the premises. Street smarts find an alternative way to pass an exam rather than to study hard to get good marks. Sometimes the shortcuts do not work efficiently, and it becomes difficult to clear an exam. Your future is dependent on exams. If you are one of the book smarts, it’s not a big deal to pass with flying colors. You will be appreciated and known as the top scorer in school or college.


Book smarts are more creative and skillful. This doesn’t seem right, thinking street smarts are more talented and skillful. They can innovate sometimes, but it is upon luck. They depend upon the illogical ways that work sometimes. Book smarts work after great research. Their work is authentic and long-lasting. A skillful person never dies hungry. He can utilize his skill for a living. Content writing is one of the great skills that freelancers can adopt as book smarts. Because it requires a lot of knowledge that book smarts surely have. They can give custom dissertation writing services UK that have a huge scope nowadays. Most students go for an easy way by hiring someone who has great knowledge to write their dissertation.

Versatile knowledge

Books are those friends of humans that can let you visit all around the world and let you know about the world that is far away from your range and hidden from the naked eye. Book smarts never stick to a specific field or genera to read, and they like to read as reading a book gives them pleasure. There are numerous topics and books to read that provide a bulk amount of information. They read such information regardless of their field of interest, and this only provides a benefit.

Best Achievers

If you want to achieve something in your life, you should read books and gain knowledge. It is well observed that book smarts are the best achievers too. An academic career is an important part of life where you get trained for practical life. Whatever you learn from your academic life helps you achieve your goals and become a better person.

Logical thinking

Every problem has a solution, and one has to find out that. Finding a solution becomes an easy task when concentrating on the issue and thinking logically. If you evaluate the problem emotionally, you can get stuck in bigger trouble. Street smarts do not think systematically as they prefer shortcuts. Logical thinking result in long-term and stable solutions.


Smart people have the ability to bring revolution as they have the ability to make their society better through positive changes. Book smarts have a revolutionary approach. They play a vital role in bringing changes because they can think better. They work according to their technical knowledge. The information helps them to evaluate every matter. People who bring revolution to society make history. They are always remembered.

High IQ

There are no book smarts without an excellent IQ. They have a thirst for knowledge that is never satisfied. The more they read, the more their thirst for knowledge increases. Their high IQ makes them memorize well every query and problem they face. This results in fame and attraction. Who does not want to be a friend of a genius person? Even street smarts, at certain points, need the company of book smarts. In every matter, at some point, knowledge and information are mandatory to proceed further.

Good leadership qualities

It is well said that today’s reader is tomorrow’s leader. This quotation proves the main aspect of a successful and perfect leader. The one who reads and knows how to tackle the situations is more eligible to become a leader. There is a huge responsibility on the leader’s shoulder as he has to make decisions for his team. A single wrong turn can damage his reputation and lead to his supporters’ downfall. Street smarts are not consistent in their decisions, so people do not see them as leaders. The leader is the one who becomes ideal for many of his followers. His personality should be exemplary.

More curious and adventurous

Curiosity leads to more discoveries. Book smarts are curious about different phenomena and species in the universe, and to know about them, they research more and read books. They find it adventurous as it is just like an adventure where you are not traveling physically to find your answers, but your mind is letting you go out of time and space through your imagination. Street smarts can not experience this charm, and it is hard for them to feel such happiness.

As mentioned above, it is very clear that it is good to be book smart rather than street smart. Success is never endless for street smarts as they do not have a good command of their strategies, but a book smart takes action after thinking and analysing the problem systematically. Their action and steps are more effective.

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